BeijaFlow – Elad Antler

Hey my name is Elad antler and I have been a DJ for several years now, focusing on the sensitivity and love in the musical spaces called ecstatic dance as a member of the amazing community that we have here in Israel as a dancer and an active DJ I had the privilege to be on the music several times in such special spaces in israel and around the world, and also be a dj in all kinds of gigs and musical activities at spiritual and heart festivals, such as the Ista Festival that took place last summer where I also had the right to hold different musical spaces during the event.

During my travels around the world, I was exposed to a variety of musical inspirations that I bring to the dance floor. And so it came out that I was collecting a lot of musical inspirations from all corners of our blessed musical world. I wish you and me to meet in magical moments with the music in the background and the heart open and wide.

My The flow be with U;)

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