Dharmaraj is a Tantra Teacher, Certified Sexuality Educator, and Doctor, hailing from the USA. As Teaching Faculty on Ma Ananda Sarita’s Tantra Essence team, he teaches and provides healing sessions internationally in Europe, Asia, and USA. www.tantra-essence.com

Dharmaraj’s deep spiritual pursuits took him around the world to India, Thailand, China, Greece, Peru, and other lands, to absorb the transmissions from the authentic sources of Tantra, Taoism, Shamanism, and the ancient Mystery Schools. He has a deep passion for sacred sexual healing and holistic healing, cherishing his one-on-one offerings just as much as his group offerings.

Dharmaraj is also the worldwide manager for the Affiliate program of TantraHealingEnergy.com, offering Tantra Tachyon pleasure products for expanding consciousness, healing, and awakening

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