Peter LittleJohn Cook

Peter has been attracted to spirituality since childhood. His curiosity about nature and the meaning of life led him to always believe that “Illumination” or “Liberation” were the only objectives that had any real importance. Peter has mixed meditation with therapeutic work for over 20 years:

In his work of spiritual teachings in the field of Social Permaculture, exploring the impact that a change of consciousness can hve not only on our personal understanding, but also in our capacity to synergetically develop our culture in areas like economy, health, education, sexuality, parenting and ecology;

Along with his life partner Iris Lican, doula and Medicine Woman, creator of the Contemporary Medicine Institute (CMWI), he helps couples to surpass their questions about relating around sexuality and power struggles by developing emotional intelligence.

He is the creator of Inspiration Tantra and the Art of Relaxation, which includes modalities like GraceFlow Breathwork, EnergyFlow Masage, Tantric Yoga Massage, Voice Liberation, Healing Vibrational Sound Massage and Siddha Qigong. He has more than 20 years of experience with Kriya Yoga, is a Rebirthing Breathworker trained by Leonard Orr and a Breathmaster. He trains Yoga teachers as well as Tantra teachers to use breath towards the expansion of consciousness and to understand and work safely with Kundalini.

Peter is especially known today for demystifying Yoga and Tantra, and for clarifying, making simple and experiential the teachings of the Saint’s Liberation and Toga Siddhas.

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