Rita Évora

She is creative, a rebel spirit, curious about life and passionate about the complexity of the human being. She works as a volunteer with people who had different backgrounds. Her graduation in Community Psychology provided her the right tools to start working as a holistic therapist.

Her Master Thesis was on the Impact of Reiki in Patients with Cancer, based on the concept of empowerment. Her goal is to unite Psychology and Spirituality, empowering youngsters and adults through deep life experiences (focusing on the heart).

She uses several tools and techniques acquired during the last 6 years, such as: Positive Psychology; Coaching & PNL; Non-formal Education for Trainers and other specific techniques of Bioenergetic, Kundalini and Tantra Yoga.She believes the causes of disease and human suffering lie in the lack of free expression of sexuality, in a sensitive way and as a source of pleasure and well-being.

She also works as an Ayurvedic Body Therapist and Tantric Massage Therapist. She facilitates sensory journeys, conscious movement, active meditations and voice circles, either individually or in groups (through workshops, group dynamics, couple therapies and women circles), that promote body, emotions and voice awareness.

She has been also studying Biodanza and Tantric / Taoist Philosophy.

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