Cátia Leitão

Cátia Leitão was born in fertile lands of Portugal. She is a wild creative explorer in the realms of healing, intimacy, sexuality and life empowerment.

She is a dancer, body worker, Sacred Sexuality therapist, teacher and practitioner, founder of Saúde Alquimia íntima para mulheres (intimate health and alchemy to women), in Portugal.

She had specialized in Sexual Dysfunction Therapy, Pleasure Development, Somatic Sexology, Emotional Release, Trauma Healing and Therapeutic Touch at the New Human Sexuality University, in Brazil; Womb Emotional De-armouring, Womb Yoga, Yoni Healing for Feminine Reproductive System Disorders at the Womb Yoga School in the United Kingdom; and Spiritual Shamanic Sexual Training and Assistance I & II – in ISTA in Peru.

In the last 5 years she has been combining these trainings with Portuguese traditional wisdom: medicine of praying with words, geo-medicine (crystals) vibration, magical herbalism, fire, wood, olive oil, and water combination; using alchemically the energetic source of these two worlds integrating spirituality and sexuality.

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