Covid-19 Update

The Postponing of the 2020 festival to 2021


Covid -19 Update

Following the guidelines of the decree-law n.º 10-I/2020 in Portugal we are obliged to postpone the Portugal Tantra Festival and the Awaken as Love Stage 1 & 2 that were due to happen in June 2020 to the following year – June 2021.

We are sad that the event which we were all looking forward to has to be postponed but understand that we are in exceptional times and that the welfare and safety of everyone is paramount.

Those who booked tickets should have recieved an email from us explaining the situation already. If this is the case for you then your booking for the event and accommodation is not lost, and has been transferred to those new dates – there is no action required on their part for this. In the context of the decree refunds for these tickets are not available, but you can sell your ticket privately to another if you cannot attend.

Here is a basic translation of the relevant points of the decree for those who do not speak Portuguese:

“Portuguese ticketing legislation within the COVID-19 context is referred to in the decree-law n.º 10-I/2020 from 26 March 2020 and establishes temporary measures within the scope of cultural and artistic events in Portugal, more specifically for events that did not take place due to force majeure reasons.

The decree basically says that events which cannot take place must be rescheduled within a year starting from the date in which they should have taken place, to begin with. Also that the ticket holder may attend the event on the new date.The ticket holder cannot demand a refund for an event which was rescheduled as opposed to cancelled.

Also the promoter cannot increase ticket prices for those who have already bought tickets for the event.”


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