Luis & Anna

Luis and Anna want to share with you their experience in rope bondage and how it’s an amazing communication tool between lovers, friends, play partners or any kind of two or more people: An extension of your arms that allows a deeper embrace, providing ecstatic sensations for all people involved. 

Luis brings his experience in embodiment practices like dancing, yoga and martial arts to rope bondage (Shibari – Kinbaku). He’s fascinated by the human body and the possibilities it offers. 

His love and appreciation for Japanese culture and Eastern philosophy blend with his slightly obsessive mind in his rope practice. 

After meeting Anna they both realized that amongst the many ways they connected, rope was an important part of their journey. 

Anna lives in constant self-discovery and is a student of sacred sexuality and the Tantric path. She lives Shibari as the sum of Love and Dark energy, making it a very powerful tool to connect within her own body and amongst people. 

Come experience what sensations or perhaps even deeper realizations ropes can bring to your life! 


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