Ma Deva Nataraj

Therapist, Teacher and Researcher in the way of Tantra. Nataraj has been accompanying people to develop their full potential for 36 years. As a therapist Nataraj has been nurtured by very specialplaces and talented teachers around the world, such as the Esalen Institute (California), Osho Multiversity (India), Oasis Escuela de Masaje Californiano (Argentina), Carles Compañ’s “Craneo-Sacral Biodynamic Therapy” (Spain).

Nataraj is also trained in Conscious Dance and Movement, Gestalt Therapy, Californian, Biodynamic, Craneo-Sacral and Tantric Massage, Rebirthing and Somatic Experience. Currently disciple of Daniel Odier (Kashmirian Tantra) and Homa and Mukto (Tantra Consciousness, Osho Style). Today Nataraj coordinates Jardin Paraiso, a Tantric Meditation Centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and shares her teaching method, “Tantranz, the movement of love”around the world. (visit )

She is also part of the Therapeutic team “Sostener a los que sostienen” in Buenos Aires, researching with doctors in public hospitals (Hospital de Clinicas, Hospital Argerich) to lessen the consequences of burnout in the medical practice through biodynamic massage therapy.


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