Paulo Shiva

Father, Man, Brother, Son, Teacher, Therapist, Dancer, Friend, Companion, Tantrika.

He met Tantra in 2007 and has since recognized this trip as the beginning and pillar of everything. It is dedicated to sharing with all the teachings it has come to learn in order to inspire people to awaken their personal power and to live with totality. His journey led him to study, learn and practice with excellent therapists and masters related to Osho, Bioenergetics, Sexology, Pranayama, Meditation. . . He created the School of Tantra in 2012 dedicated exclusively to Tantra and the School of Love in 2016. It combines the work of great masters and defends that each one is a master of himself and that we should see ourselves in them, using Tantra and the path of Love as a basis. He defends the work of someone who inspires him not by idolizing him, but by honoring and sharing those teachings. The supreme conscience is available to everyone.

Your job is to bring this state of consciousness to as many beings as you can. He loves and teaches to love his neighbor. The foundations of Tantra are precious knowledge regarding the creation of deep and lasting loving relationships, based on Love, passion, trust, complicity and loyalty.


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