Praful is a master sound healer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer and charismatic performer. He embraces Jazz, Soul, Dance, Indian and New World Fusion with grace and passion.

In 1992, after having completed his studies of Jazz Sax&Flute at the Amsterdam Conservatory (AHK), Praful went on a spiritual quest to India. He meditated in the Ashram of the enlightened mystic Osho and learned the Indian Bamboo Flute (Bansuri) with Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Equally fascinated by Brazilian music, he went to live a year in Brazil and immersed himself in the music scene of Rio de Janeiro. Over the years, all those influences integrated into his own brand of Sacred World Fusion, first presented in 2001 on his album ‘One Day Deep.’

Released in 2003 in the USA, the album became a major success in the US-Jazz scene — US-Billboard Chart notations and the #1 radio hit SIGH were accompanied by extensive touring. Several radio singles and 2 more albums in similar Chillout-style followed.

After 2006, his heart was calling for a change — his busy life as an entertainer and bandleader felt increasingly empty and did not bring happiness. He went on a quest for his true calling.
“My heart was longing to melt in love and joy with other hearts, to disappear in sound and silence, to become one with all,” says Praful. “Music is my gift to those who are ready to travel with me into the depth of Being – music can help you to awaken. Once my life purpose revealed itself to me, I had to live it!”

Since then, new music and projects have been birthed: the Spirited Tribe Trilogy recorded Live in one studio session (‘Silence Speaks’, ‘Call of the Beloved’, ‘Earth Tones’), two meditative Solo albums (‘Where Spirits Live’, ‘Pure’), a Sufi-inspired song collection (‘Mirror of the Heart’), devotional Sanskrit Mantras (‘Into Being’), several releases with his dance project Red Fulka (‘We Are One’, EP ‘Soul on Fire’), a collaboration with Mantra singers Satyaa&Pari (‘Om For Yoga’), the tribally rooted Duo with Didgeridoo player Sika (‘Quintessence’), Tantra music with singer Peruquois (‘Breathing Love’), several guided meditations and even classical infused music by Erik Satie (‘The Silent Side of Satie’).

Praful is a regular guest on many festivals and gatherings throughout the world, giving concerts solo, with one of his projects or playing Healing events together with his partner Vimal Gabrielsen. He is also world-renowned for his work/performances with Eckhart Tolle, Dave Koz, Deva Premal&Miten, Swati Natekar, Carlos Nakai, Jai Uttal, Peruquois, Maneesh de Moor, Ma Ananda Sarita, Marc Antoine, Adani&Wolf, Nippy Noya, Armando Peraza, Laura Fygi, Mola Sylla, Kareem Raihani, Robertinho Silva, Armandinho, David Steindl-Rast, Gerardo Rosales, Monte LaRue, Sika, Holiwater Project, Sudha, Carrie Tree, Project 2000, Hardsoul, DJ Maestro, DJ Lucien Foort and many others.

He just finished the music production for a guided meditation together with Tantra teacher Ma Ananda Sarita (‘Goddess Essence Meditation’), which is due to be released. His current recording project is a new album with his Dance project Red Fulka.

Praful’s 10 solo albums garnered great international success. He keeps on composing and playing new music constantly, and he will keep doing so as long as he breathes.

Teacher and bestselling author Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) finds Praful’s music «tremendously beautiful and deeply touching» and has invited him several times to play for his talks.


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