Puja Love

Puja Is a lover of the depths of Life, Love and Truth.

As an International Tantra teacher and Shamanic sensualista, she creates many in-depth more-day Temple Spaces called BEYOND where life becomes Living Art with living a Temple Life. Puja is the co- initiator and creator of the successful annual International Tantra Festival Holland, and creates as well various retreats and workshops all over the world.

In her work she brings men and women back to their divine true nature. Creating more Expansion & Consciousness for Embodied Presence & Sexual Empowerment to rise. For living a Juiceful High Quality Life by using the life forces of Eros, that makes us thrive in all aspects of our lives.

The essence of her teachings is about embodiment in loving alignment. The space where we can trust to descend fully into the body and the Unknown, raise our consciousness, getting out of the way and be led by Life itself.

Puja embodies a deep truth of shifting the paradigm of love and relationships, being in service to the source of love itself, tuning into a deeper truth, lifting the veil of fear and dropping into a deeper vulnerability.
She has thoroughly investigated all forms of relating and the relationship behaviour & evolution of men and women in this time.
“What does love need, right now?” Is her favorite question.

“If you cultivate all aspects of your sexuality, you cultivate all aspects of the life you want to live.” ~ Puja


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