Rita Évora

She’s creative, a rebel spirit, curious about life and passionate about the complexity of the human being.

She’s a Community Psychologist with Holistic orientation and Trainer in Non-Formal Education. She sought inspiration from Positive and Transpersonal Psychology, which influenced the integrative model of her work. Throughout her career, She volunteered with different populations while pursuing her vocation in Community Psychology (ISPA-IU), which brought her the necessary structure to consolidate her work in the holistic areas. Her mission is to unite Psychology with Spirituality, giving young people and adults the opportunity for personal development through deep emotional experience. She has acquired several tools, during the last 7 years, to materialize this goal and to consolidate her work, such as: Positive Psychology, Coaching & NLP, Non Formal Education, Dance Therapy, Psychological Astrology, Reiki Karuna, MDT (Multidimensional Therapy), Sound Therapies, among other breathing and energy techniques from Kundalini Yoga.

She is an Ayurveda massage therapist and Tantra therapist, thus, combining mind and body in her healing work. She also facilitates sensory journeys and activities that promote body, emotion and voice awareness, either in individual or group sessions or in workshops or circles for Women and Couples. In short, her work combines and it’s based upon the fields of Psychology, Astrology, Ayurveda, Tantra, and Sacred Sexuality, Kundalini Yoga and the Authentic Movement.
She is currently studying Biodanza that adds true value to her field of knowledge.

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