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Our Place of Gathering in the Hills


The Venue

The Festival is held at the Awake retreat centre. Rooted in a millennial mountain range, Awake believes in people, in a conscious life and auto-responsibility.  Without promoting dogmas, beliefs or doctrines, it is a space for all, where each individual arrives with their own mission, and where we all help to get there.

Awake lives with the intention of collaborating with all who visit it, with a desire to create moments to melt in the nature of magic.


Awake’s landscape is unique and its natural equilibrium is maintained and potentiated through innovative, non-invasive permaculture and biodynamic agriculture.  We work with the principles of sustainable agriculture and support local species, aiming to live as closely to the earth as possible.

Nature is their fundamental meditation. At Awake, in harmony with nature, we root ourselves and manifest our highest being.

We live in a process of constant evolution, in which space grows with human and natural growth, living in a parallel, an equilibrium. And in this magical and ancestral space, Awake offers workshops, trainings, retreats and therapies, all with their Foundation in self-discovery and personal development.

What we really offer are journeys that invite us to go deeper inside ourselves, in the quest for the true essence of who we are, present in profound contact with the spirit of meditation and consciousness.


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There is a range of accommodation types at the venue to suit all budgets, from camping in the beautiful natureor glamping in Tipi’s, to luxury accommodation in private rooms or suites. Here are a few photos of some of the options.


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